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Architecture, Design & Construction

As robust and long-lasting materials, fruit stone and shell granules are ideally suited for many decorative and interior design applications. They are great as biodegradable replacements for conventional plastic or glass decorative granules. 

Decorative Applications

We work with architecture, interior design and construction firms, supplying them with the versatile organic materials they need to achieve their clients' requirements.  

Fruit stone powders are versatile by nature and can be applied as components in everything from surface coating to insulation materials, for instance as cushion fillers due to their insulative and heat-storing capacity. Some other proven applications are:

  • Textured tiles for floors or walls and textured wallpaper
  • Filling material for landscaping and nature-inspired arrangements
  • Exhibition booth and shop design concepts

Natural Insulation Materials

In the construction industry, synthetic products such as mineral wool or fiberglass have traditionally been used as insulation. In today's environmentally conscious time, innovative bio-based insulation materials are increasingly being used to improve the insulation properties of building materials.

Bio-Based Colors for Design and Decoration

Colours such as faux white, beige and sandy up to ochre and earthy tones are proven to improve the ambience of spaces from the private to the public, from the living room to the boardroom.

Due to their properties, fruit stone powders and granules can be easily dyed using traditional dyeing techniques, to achieve almost any desired effect in the chosen application.

Bio-Additives For Building Materials

The general trend towards a more sustainable economy also affects the construction industry. bio-based building materials as an alternative to non-natural materials offer the advantage of being recyclable, safe and environmentally friendly.

Benefits for your application:

  • 100% renewable and sustainable
  • Minimum carbon emissions
  • Higher resistance, hardness and durability
  • Micron size adaptability and diverse mixtures tailored to your requirements
  • Strong heat-retention capacities

If you have something else in mind, we can help you select the natural ingredients that integrate best with your formulation.

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