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Bio-Additives For Sustainable Architectural Building Materials

Construction has always been a material-intensive industry. Whether starting a new building or refurbishing an existing one, new requirements have emerged for the components used.

Why Sustainable Construction?

The progressing trend towards a more sustainable economy has definitely impacted all parties involved in construction. Hence, eco friendly building materials are on the rise. Traditionally, both residential and commercial buildings have consisted of numerous non-natural materials: from asbestos in the old days, petroleum-derived paints, coatings and adhesives up to conventional plastics in panel and roofing systems. Over time, experts and end users have advocated for alternatives that are safe, recyclable and bio-based.

Sustainable Materials Architecture: Opportunities

Construction does not start at the building site, but rather with careful planning by architects. Designing a structure that is both efficient and "green" can be a challenge, however, material scientists create a wealth of options for environmentally friendly building materials. In this context, the use of bio-based additives with a reduced carbon footprint plays a central role.

Materials generally have to live up to high standards. High resistance, fire proofing, aesthetics besides value-for-money - these and other criteria determine the additives contained in any parts and supplies. strives to provide cutting-edge solutions: our fruit stone powders and granules are effective fillers, binders, insulating fibers, reinforcing agents, texturizers, colorants and abrasives for items such as

  • Composites: especially olive stone powders are fibre compounds to reinforce flooring and roofing panels, claddings, pipings, doors, window frames and smaller hardware (wall plugs, anchor fittings).
  • Bio-plastics: ingredients to be used in polymers for floor coatings, cables, paints, varnishes and other finishes. Mainly almond and walnut shell powders combine the advantages of ecological fillers with texturizing capabilities.
  • Concrete, cement and ceramics: fibrous reinforcing fillers and porosity enhancers for any brick and mortar items. Micronized olive stones can be customized to meet very specific grain size requirements.
  • Asphalt and bitumen: cellulose additives to boost resistance, strength and lifespan besides recyclability advantages.
  • Insulation materials: milled almond shells, pistachio shells and olive stones are low-density fibers for maximum energy efficiency of buildings.
  • Cleaning grits: Olive pit and walnut shell granules have a hardness of >3.5 (Mohs scale). This makes them effective natural abrasives for surface cleaning, sanding, brightening and smoothing.

Our Approaches to Eco Friendly Construction Materials

Besides making additives for the aforementioned materials, can help construction professionals in the following processes:

  • Plastic replacement: we help manufacturers of any construction parts find sustainable alternatives to polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyurethane (PU) granules/powders in their formulations. In collaboration with plastics makers, there is potential for transforming conventional plastics into bio-plastics.
  • New material development: to serve a growing consumer demand for toxin-free supplies for their home, we work with manufacturers of paints, coatings, resins, plastics and composites to develop bio-based formulas. Also, we offer solutions for improved product parameters in those market segments, e.g. lightweight parts, fiber compounds, fireproofings, sealants, adhesives and more.
  • Design and decoration: whether you are an architect, an interior designer or a construction manager - our goal is to make your design items "greener", easy to recycle and healthy. Floor mosaics, flower beds, tiles and any other products can be enhanced with biodegradable fruit stone powders.
  • Efficiency testing and customization: experts provide analytical data to make the best of our powder additives. Besides, all powders and granules can be treated to match your formulation goals. Possibilities range from impermeabilization, hydophobicity, color modification, whitening/bleaching to blending and custom-sieving.

Please do not hesitate to share your sustainable construction materials projects. We can help you choose the right bio-based material for your project.
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