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Bio-Based Insulation Materials for Construction and Architecture manufactures a wide range of natural insulation materials. We provide numerous biological fibre products to enhance the insulation properties of building materials such as mortar, plaster and composite coatings. In addition, our product portfolio includes insulating infill granules for brick or wall systems.

Fully Plant-Based Insulating Granules and Fibres

Insulation materials come in diverse shapes and textures. Traditionally, synthetic products such as fiberglass or mineral wool have been used in construction. Also polyurethane foam (PU foam) or polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) are popular lightweight insulators. In recent years, concerns about eco-friendliness and recyclability have led manufacturers of insulation materials to look for greener alternatives. This is where offers effective and innovative solutions: our natural fiber and powder products – made entirely from fruit stones and shells – can

  • Fully replace synthetic insulants: in systems where glass powder or synthetic fibres are used, olive stone or almond shell insulators are a natural solution with enhanced properties.
  • Act as reinforcing fibres in PU foams: when polyurethane or polystyrene are filled with up to 40% functional powders, the result is a reinforced compound. Apart from increased durability/stability, a major advantage of such composites is their reduced carbon footprint due to a significant bio-based portion of components.
  • Reinforce, stabilize and texturize plaster systems: different grain sizes and shapes can boost the strength of plaster or mortar mixes. The excellent heat-retention properties of insulators can transform traditional plaster layers into high performance insulators. Studies have also proven the effectiveness of olive stone fillers to improve heat retention properties of cement lime mortar.
  • Add insulating properties to PVC and other floorings: any coating filled with strong thermal insulators can boost the energy efficiency of buildings. Our Olea FP additives were designed for bio-based coatings, claddings, board and panel systems for in- and outdoor applications.

Olive Stone Insulators: Enhanced Heat Retention and Soundproofing

With the above applications in mind, we have developed our Olive Stone Insulator – strong, thermally performant granules of variable sizes. With a density of 0.6-0.65g/l, they have a light weight and can adapt to almost any material mix.

In contrast to other plant fibres, e.g. wood, flax, hemp, straw or husks, their moisture absorption is very limited, which makes them stable fillers in water-based or liquid formulas. Thermal retention properties of olive stones are superior to any chemicals and three times as high as for pebbles. In construction, this feature makes them sought-after alternatives for sand/silica or marble.

Similar to cherry pits, refined olive stones are popular fillers for heating pillows. When put in the oven or microwave, they can retain the heat for a long time. Likewise, they can absorb and retain coolness and serve as an infill for cooling pads. Whereas cherry stones are used as a whole (with the seed), we provide ground granules with varying textures – for the ideal haptic of any cushion.

Further Advantages of Olive Stone Granules Insulators

Moreover, the following features make olive stones stand out as optimal natural insulating solutions:

  • Appealing decorative properties: a clean look, homogeneous shape and smooth haptics come with an attractive natural color. The natural version of our insulating grains can also be dyed with plant-based pigments.
  • Vegan, i.e. free of any substances from animal origin
  • Made from by-products, i.e. side-stream resources of the olive oil production: pursues a zero-waste approach by transforming waste without creating any refuse.
  • Free of nuts or grain: absence of common allergens
  • Non-food origin: our production does not compete with the food chain and no plantations or water resources are needed to obtain our raw materials

Whether you are a manufacturer or end user of thermal or acoustic insulation materials, we would love to hear from you. We support any material innovation with tailored bio-granules and fibre additives. Any volumes can be shipped worldwide.

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