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Smoke Chips – Sustainable Flavoring Solutions for Food

At we have developed a new line of smoke and flavouring chips. With wood being still the most common material used for culinary smoking, our mission is to create a new taste experience for lovers of smoked meat, fish, cheese and other foods – all with a focus on ecology and sustainability.

Our aromatic chips are made entirely from renewable and sustainable resources, without any tropical wood or chemicals. Excellent results, i.e. unique tastes can be achieved in a healthy way with the following product variants:

  • Mediterranean Olive: smoke granules made from top-grade olive stones
  • Sweet Almond: soft smoking chips made from almond shells
  • Moroccan Argan: granulated argan shells from certified growers
  • Aromatic Apricot: selected apricot stones transformed into fragrant chips
  • Fine Pistachio: upcycled pistachio shells, delicately ground
  • Fruity Peach: delicate crunches of fresh peach stones

Alternatives to Wood Chips to Create Unique Flavors

Our variety of different smoking crunches made from raw materials other than wood offers many possibilities to create delicious and special flavors. A whole new taste experience can be achieved in a natural way, without any synthetic additives.

All our processing methods are purely mechanical. This means that the aroma of our fruit stones and shells comes entirely from the fruit. No artificial flavors, colorants or aromas are used in our processing facilities. Our milling techniques ensure optimal particle size ranges for any smoking method such as

  • Cold smoking
  • Warm smoking
  • Hot smoking
  • Use in smoke ovens
  • Smoke Roasting
  • Liquid smoking
  • Barbecue smoking

A New Generation of Wood-Free Smoker and Grilling Chips for the Food Industry

Besides flavoring, smoking is an effective method to preserve cured meat, fish and other perishable food items. Wood shavings from different trees (mostly beech, oak, maple, apple tree) have long been the top choice of food processors, and are highly effective. However, there are innovative solutions obtained from by-products only, i.e. without the need to cutany trees. smoke chips are highly efficient and combine an excellent carbon footprint with new culinary possibilities.

Compared to wood, smoke chips have a high density and therefore allow for longer and slower smoking. Very little swelling occurs in contact with liquids such as steam. Moreover, they do not contain any animal-derived substances and are therefore suitable for vegan foods.

We cater to B2B customers such as

  • Brand owners seeking to add innovative products to existing smoke chip lines
  • Manufacturers of smoked meat, fish, cheese or vegetable products
  • Distributors and producers of charcoal, firelighters and other barbecue supplies
  • Wholesalers with a focus on culinary products and delicacies
  • Retail outlets, hardware stores, supermarket chains and other resellers
  • Steakhouses, grill and barbecue restaurants
  • Any other restaurants featuring experimental cuisine

Packaging options and services:

Our smoke chips can be sold in minimum quantities of 25kg. The best value-for-money can be achieved with full pallets (1000kg) or truck loads.

Besides our standard packaging options we can provide custom packaging or branded units – ready for sale. Thanks to our commitment to zero waste and environmentalism, we prefer using recyclable paper and cardboard packaging. Whatever your design, we suggest suitable packaging options and support you in all steps from material selection up to marketing and sales.

Chips made from other plant-based raw materials can also be made on-demand. For the sake of sustainability, we focus on working with fruit stones of European origin. Please feel free to get in touch with your specific requirements. We ship worldwide and offer all-inclusive delivery options.

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Smoke Chips For Food

Smoke Chips For Food