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Biodegradable Ceramic Coating Powder Additives develops bio-based high-performance additives for ceramic (coating) applications. Especially our hydrophobic powder solutions are effective ceramic paint additive solutions.

Made from 100% sustainable sources, Olea FP (Functional Powder) is available in the standard micron ranges 0-50 and 0-100. Other micron ranges are available as bespoke micro-powders upon request.

Natural Ceramic Coating Powder for Automotive Coatings

The automotive industry faces numerous challenges with regard to the exterior coating of vehicles. While car paints need to withstand the elements, extreme temperatures and impact, environmental aspects can no longer be neglected by innovative manufacturers. Ceramic paints are widely used throughout the car (coating) industry, which leads R&D experts in this area to look for enhanced solutions. These solutions can come in the form of natural powder additives. Olea FP ceramic coating powder grades are available in a hydrophobic form, i.e. as coated, water-repellent dispersion powders. In hydrophobic ceramic coatings, their functions are diverse: first and foremost, they are plant-based, fully natural alternatives for conventionally used microplastics. While hydrophobic polyurethane has long been the top-choice filler, “green” replacements are essential to live up to today’s standards of sustainability.

Due to their high thermal and mechanical resistance, our Olea FP ceramic paint additive line is particularly suitable for cold weather paint and sand texture paint formulations. As the function of coatings in the automotive industry is to protect the underlying layer of paint, the bonding capacity of such coatings is an essential factor. Our ultra hydrophobic powder is a natural fibre additive with reactive groups that can enhance your formulation’s bonding behavior.

Ceramic Coating Powder for Marine Coatings

Marine protective coatings are designed to be ultra-resistant, mainly to water but also to salt, UV radiation, algae, acid and alkaline substances. Another aspect that makes the development of marine coatings particularly challenging are the extremely high anti-corrosion requirements. This is mainly due to the influence of salt. The marine environment makes vessels very susceptible to corrosion. Sea life, exhaust contaminants and especially sea salt induce oxidation of boat components that are mostly covered with hydrophobic high-performance paints.

Hence, manufacturers of boat and yacht paints require powerful ceramic paint additive solution to create strongly protective layers. offers a new generation of bio-based and sustainable ceramic paint additive solutions. Our line of fine and ultra-fine ceramic coating powder was created to enhance marine coatings in the following ways:

  • Antioxidative properties: in contrast to conventionally used inert fillers, Olea FP (Functional Powder) is a new generation of reactive functional fillers. While mass is still added, our powder particles come with reactive surface properties (e.g. hydroxyl groups) that bind free radicals, which translates into antioxidative effects. This can significantly enhance the lifespan of ceramic coatings and provide significant savings due to larger intervals of renewal.
  • Light weight: Olea FP particles have a bulk density of 0.5-0.6g per cubic centimeter. Ceramics powder, in turn, generally has a bulk density of over 2 g per cm³. When incorporated in ceramic coating powder, Olea FP can therefore have a weight-reducing effect and therefore add significant value to lightweight ceramic coatings. In shipbuilding where every gram counts, our ceramic paint additive contributes to weight reduction and enhanced performance.
  • Particle hardness: Olea FP distinguishes itself from softer cellulose powders due to its exceptional hardness of approx. 3.5 on a Mohs scale. Therefore, it adds resistance and strength to any ceramic hydrophobic coating. Also, it blends well with hard ceramics powder in composite (coating) formulations consisting of mineral and organic components.
  • Particle texture: our assortment of different particle size ranges makes Olea FP a versatile ceramic paint additive for anti skid formulations or textured ceramic coatings. This is particularly relevant for marine decking systems, railings or other contact surfaces. 
  • Insulating and thermal retention properties: Olea FP (Functional Powder) particles come with excellent thermal retention properties, which makes them the top choice organic ceramic paint additive for insulating and/or thermal barrier coatings. Our ceramic coating powder can also add light reflection properties when used as a carrier for pigment.

Maritime ceramic coatings are also characterized by extreme heat resistance. Conventionally made with ceramics powder or ceramic microspheres, they have to live up to the highest demands.

Bio-Based Ceramic Coating Powder for Advanced Non-Coating Materials

Besides ceramic hydrophobic coating formulations, a wide range of advanced materials involve ceramic that requires powerful fillers, binders and texturizers. Just as car paints, numerous ceramic materials consist of liquid polymers that undergo a curing stage before they are coated. Here, Olea FP ceramic coating powder can be integrated into the polymer matrix in the liquid phase to reinforce the compound in such a way as to add stability and sturdiness.

If coatings are applied, they are mainly protective and/or decorative. Here, texture effects are implemented, e.g. with a non skid additive. The latter can be a coarser grade of functional powders, i.e. granular particles of variable sizes. 

Especially in the medical field, ceramic manufacturers strive to develop solutions that are safe and only minimally chemical. The team’s role is to help them achieve this goal in a fast and easy way. Apart from being highly effective in multiple functions, our functional powders are absolutely natural, vegan and made in a waste-reducing process.


If you are a R&D professional or a manufacturer of ceramic (coating) materials, we would like to hear from you. We assist in any development stage and supply micro, small and large batches and support your industrial trial. ships their ceramic coating powder worldwide via sea or air freight.

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