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Fruit Stone Powders as Sources of Dietary Fibre and Antioxidants

At we have developed innovative, easily digestible fibre solutions with diverse application possibilities in food and feed products. With the goal of providing alternatives to grain-based fibres and wood-based cellulose, our natural powders stand out as being non-allergenic, gluten free, vegan and versatile.

Olive Stone Powder: Insoluble Fibre for Solid Foods

Fine olive stone powder mainly consists of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. It is classified as an insoluble dietary fiber. Its characteristics therefore show a certain similarity to cellulose preparation and wheat fibre. In contrast to the latter, fiber additives are derived exclusively from side-stream resources without the need for crops and the associated land and water resources. Sustainability is taken to a new level, combined with excellent nutritional properties.

Insoluble fibres derived from olive stones can be used as functional ingredients to increase the dietary fibre contents of food/feed. Health benefits of insoluble fibre are resulting from increased bulk volume and decreased transit time associated with the increased dietary fibre supply. These effects increase satiety, decrease saturated fat intake and are further associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and colorectal cancer. The enrichment of food formulations with olive stone powder can thus significantly enhance their nutritional properties.

In addition, our powdery fibres can be produced in variable grain size ranges. This comes with many possibilities to enhance texture, rheology and mouthfeel of diverse food/feed preparations.

A Rich Source of Antioxidants – Health Benefits of Our Powder Additives

Research has demonstrated unique properties of olive stone fibre with regard to antioxidant properties. Similar to other components of the edible olive (olive pulp, olive peel, etc.), the stones contain significant levels of polyphenolic compounds. These antioxidants bind free radicals, which translates into numerous benefits for human and animal health. As part of food/feed preparations, olive stone powder can help

  • improve cardiovascular health
  • strengthen the immune system
  • prevent inflammations, infectious diseases and cancer
  • reduce the effects of ageing
  • enhance cognitive health and general vitality

Recommended Applications in Food Products

Due to its characteristics as a low-calorie, sugar- and fat-free additive rich in fiber and antioxidants, olive stone powder is ideal for solid functional foods. Recommended applications in processed foodstuffs include

  • Enrichment of minced meat products such as burger patties and meat balls: the addition of olive stone powder may reduce the energetic level of the products (energy and fat level). It may further increase the yield and reduce the frying loss of the products.
  • Improvement of extruded products: this includes sweets and savory snack products based on starch, as well as meat replacement products based on protein and starches. Similarly to meat products, fibres can help reduce the sugar and fat levels of extruded foods and therefore enhance the overall nutritional value and health benefits.
  • Integration in bakery products: most commonly, dietary fibres are incorporated into bakery products to prolong freshness. This is thanks to their capacity to retain water, which reduces economic losses. Combination with fibres / flours with higher water-binding capacities is also an option to enhance dough rheology.
  • Enhancement of vegan and health foods through substitution of wheat-, corn- and soy-based ingredients: especially in vegan meat alternatives, olive stone powder additives can add easily digestible fibres that are fully grain-free (do not contain gluten), GMO-free and sustainably produced.

To a similar extent, olive stone fibres can be valuable components of animal feed or pet food mixes. Whatever your project might be, please contact us for R&D assistance and advice on the best fibre additive. Our powders can be supplied in micro, small and large batches and shipped worldwide. Contact us now with your inquiry.

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