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Natural Sandblasting Media for Rust Removal offers fully natural high-performance abrasives for metal objects and other hard surfaces. Processes to clean tools, vehicle parts and machines require powerful solids to rid the metal surface of undesired coverings such as corrosion, paint or lacquer.

Any sanding or blasting application intended for rust removal can be upgraded with plant-based abrasive grits from renewable resources. We are committed to supplying resistant grits in a variety of micron sizes to boost effectiveness of blasting processes. Our solutions are fully biodegradable and therefore in line with the highest environmental standards.

Olive Stone and Walnut Shell Abrasives: Ideal for High-Pressure Blasting

When cleaning ferrous metals from the effects of corrosion, various grits have conventionally been used. Garnet, plastic, glass or silica – just to name a few; however, they all come with the challenge of disposal at the end of their lifespan. Although reusable, recycling solutions are required. offers a new generation of innovative grits with no need for resource-intensive recycling: tailored granular abrasives made exclusively from olive stones or walnut shells. Our grits are compostable circular economy products that essentially optimize your carbon footprint while offering excellent technical features.

Olive stone and walnut shells are raw materials of outstanding stability. With our state-of-the-art micronization technology we can produce grits in a variety of micron ranges including bespoke grain sizes. In line with the most common technological requirements, we can particularly recommend the following standard micron sizes:


Bio-Based Rust and Coating Removal Media: Unique Advantages natural grits are suitable for a variety of blasting tools. Their multifunctional use as consumables in industrial abrasive applications is linked to their unique properties:

  • No expansion or swelling: reliable fit for any blasting nozzles. The particle diameter will not increase when the grit comes in contact with moisture. Hence, our bio-grits will retain their size and fit reliably in diverse blasting systems without the risk of blocking them.
  • Hardness: classified between 3.5 and 4.0 on a Mohs scale, our natural blasting grits effectively remove rust and coatings from ferrous metal surfaces without damaging the underlying material. In finer grain size ranges, they can also be used for cleaning aluminum objects.
  • Environmental sustainability: by using our innovative grits made from upcycled by-products, you will minimize your environmental impact. All production steps – from sourcing up to logistics – are in line with the highest possible ecological standards. We only process top-grade raw materials from the European Union, maintain the shortest possible transport distances and reduce waste in our upcycling streams. No crops but only side-stream resources (i.e. olive stones from the olive oil production) are processed into our natural abrasives.
  • Variable particle sharpness: different raw materials produce differently shaped particles in our milling and sieving processes. Due to their physical and chemical properties, olive stone particles have smooth edges that prevent scratches on the material to be cleaned. Walnut shell granules on the other hand have somewhat sharper edges, which makes them the first choice to remove rust/paint from hard materials such as iron or steel.

Our corrosion removal grits are well suited for industrial users with modern air or water jet technologies. They are suitable for most grit-based systems, i.e. to replace conventional sandblasting grits.

We supply to industrial end users as well as distributors and resellers around the world. Please contact us with your requirements and we will assist you in finding the ideal combination of raw materials and grain size ranges.

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